Why an other wordpress blog?

Why do I write this blog? I´m a freshman at university. Within this I´m in the hands-on seminar “Digital Education Technologies”. The task of this seminar is, to create an e-portfolio to document an education-theme – digital-style!

So I will start with writing down my history with computers, the internet and my kind of using both. Hopefully there will be a red line through this blog and I guess there will be a story to the most common artifacts of the digital world. When I finished telling about my digital childhood, the next step will be documenting the present. We´ll see where it takes me. Never forget – it´s all about evolution (unlike some people I don´t think you can plan or “design” this)!

And, who knows, maybe there is glim of the future at the end of this project. (13.11.2008)

[Update 24.12.2010]

That’s what I wrote two years ago. Since then this blog and my personal digital evolution reached areas and levels I wouldn’t have expected in the beginning. The main themes of articles were and are education and digitalism, their intersection and molecules.

By the education path for example the academic structure in general and the Bologna-Process in specific, or more specific the Bachelor-Master-System in Europe/Germany/Hamburg get part of my input and, by that part of my output. So I planned and participated on several activities about that, which peaked for now in the conference “Brave New Education? Conference for the critical reflection of the present constitution of universities and for the deployment of emancipating alternatives!” which is documented here.

I engage in this topic, especially in the part of the education of future teachers, because I think that this is the ground stone of the society of tomorrow. Right now, if I look to the presence of this, it seems to me, that the (european/german) educational system and society are struggling on a two level forked junction which way to go. Speed up like before or take a left turn [I took that direction on purpose ;)] for a different, and I think better, society. I have a pretty bad feeling about the future if keep going on like nothing has happened. Because of this I think that more articles about humanism, ethic or philosophy will enter this blog. We’ll see if I’ll be able to set this plan in action.

Besides this I publicate papers and projects I produce during my studies in education and education for people with handicaps and/or special needs.

My personal digital evolution grew by search, try and error but definitely accelerated during the EduCamp 2010 at my homeuniversity. You can see campdocumentation here and my personal impressions here. We’ll see how the republica2011 affects me. Another big impact by the digital path would be Twitter, I guess. There I spread the word about #hamburg, #education, #digitalism, #web2.0, #university, #bachelor/master, #policeviolence, #politics, #humanism, #atheism, #freedom_of_speech, #antifascism, #antiracism, #videos, #fun and sometimes private or local stuff and of course new articles.

Who wants to participate in this blog, exchange ideas or has constructive criticism for me is welcome to comment in the articles, follow and communicate over Twitter or mail me to evolusin[at]hotmail[dot]de

2 Antworten to “Why an other wordpress blog?”

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